Talk to us about your garden

  • Would you like your garden to look stylish and add value to your home, yet be easy to look after?
  • Are you unsure of which plants will look amazing and thrive on Auckland's North Shore?
  • Would you like a clear and comprehensive garden design which you can implement over the next few years?
  • And would you like your garden cared for on an ongoing basis by a reliable team of female gardeners?

We are award winning and qualified landscape designers, living on the North Shore who design, install and then maintain the gardens we create & love.

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Garden advice and consultations

Are you looking for inventive ideas on how to redesign your outdoor space?

Do you need some on the spot practical advice on plant care and health to help your garden thrive?

Our 90 minute personal consultation is tailored to meet your unique requirements and personal taste.

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Talk to us about garden care & maintenance

Does your garden need some love? 

Do you feel frustrated because you never seem to have enough time to keep your garden looking its best?

Our sparkly gardeners can visit weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every 2-3 months to help you keep on top of your garden.

We are a team of reliable & trustworthy gardeners who when you work with us, you'll be carefully matched to a a gardener who's just right for you.

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Talk to us about garden treasures

Are you looking for a feature piece for your garden - an object that sets your garden apart and makes it unique?

We design, create & source bespoke garden treasures for special outdoor spaces - from containers to bird houses, outdoor baths to screens & pergolas.

Contact us today to chat about a garden treasure for your home.

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Does Your Citrus Look Like This?

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With forecasters predicting this summer’s El Nino weather pattern to be one of the top 3 or 4 driest on New Zealand’s record, what is the best way to water your garden?Read more
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