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The 5 Must-Know Garden Design Trends For 2023

You may be entering the year in a brand new home, a renovator's dream, or like many of us, in the same four walls as last.

Regardless, we firmly believe that with a bit of landscaping, your outdoor space in Tāmakimakaurau (Auckland) can bring enhancements to your mood and general perspective on life. Prioritising time to immerse yourself in nature is important, and being able to do so from the comfort of your own home is the ultimate dream.

After some extensive research both in the gardens and out, we bring you the 5 must-know garden trends of 2023.

Over To Organic

It is becoming increasingly important that we do our best to reduce our environmental impact and prioritise organic methods.

A simple way that you can make a conscious effort to protect the environment is by switching to the use of organic products.

Products like weed spray and insecticide contain harmful chemicals that can contaminate the soil, water, grass and other vegetation. It can cause harm to live organisms such as fish, birds, bees, and neighbouring plants. Alternatively, you can use products such as Aquaticus Garden Booster, Aquaticus Soil & Plant Conditioner, Organic Neem Oil Insecticide, and Sheep Pellets. If you have a dog on your property, we do not recommend using Sheep Pellets as they can be toxic.

Garden in Northcote

Designed, Planted & Maintained by Sculpt Gardens

Alfresco Dining

There is a rise in alfresco dining, which does not come as a surprise. There are many benefits to having a seamless connection between your kitchen and dining space and your outdoor kitchen and dining space. 

For families, it's obvious why you may want the option to dine outside. Kids can be entertained, and parents can keep a close eye on the little ones playing. 

Many studies show the positive benefits of eating outdoors in the fresh air. We noticed that eating outdoors also creates a more social environment. Perfect for entertainers; a well-curated outdoor setting can allow more space for your guests. Incorporating features such as an outdoor pizza oven, barbeque, and filleting station, can make the dining experience more interactive and fun for all.  

Garden in Milford

Designed & Planted by Sculpt Gardens

Bee Friendly!

Our precious planet needs essential organisms like bees to keep things rolling - and so does your garden.

The absence of bees in your garden may be preventing your plants from thriving.

There are many benefits of welcoming bees into your garden. As they feed, they spread pollen between flowers, enabling plants to reproduce, spread seeds and develop new flowers and fruit. As well as this, bees encourage beneficial insects which keep our plants and gardens happy. These insects include "parasitic wasps, hoverflies, various bees and ladybirds, praying mantis, spiders, dragonflies, assassin bugs, lacewings, a variety of beetles, frogs, birds and earwigs (yes, earwigs!)" (Edible Backyard, 2022).

Planting flowers that provide pollen and nectar is a fantastic and beautiful way of doing so. Borage and Phacelia are great for planting near-edible plants, as they produce a lot of nectar and self-seed (note they do self-seed!).

Some other fantastic options are Marigolds, Verbena Bonaresis, Calendula, Hellebores, Rosemary, Lavender, Hebes. Have a look in your local plant store, or we would love to assist you with a design.

Even some of the weeds in your lawn are beneficial to the insects - such as dandelions, yarrow and hawkbit! Hold back from spraying your lawn!

Incorporating a water feature is not only aesthetically beneficial, but it provides a reliable water source for the bees during their hard work. If you are serious about attracting bees and all their benefits to your garden, a simple bird bath kept clean is sufficient. 

Garden in Hauraki

Designed & Planted by Sculpt Gardens

Outdoor Baths & Saunas

Soaking outdoors in nature offers benefits that restore the mind and body. Some may love outdoor baths for their aesthetic appeal whilst others use them as a means of relaxation and tension relief.

They are completely customisable, which makes them perfect for individuals and families.

Whilst people, particularly athletes, have been using ice baths and saunas for many years, they have become increasingly popular over the years. Now to the stage where many people are choosing to incorporate the features into the landscape of their own homes.

People claim to use these for personal benefits such as mental clarity, reduced pain, recovery and weight loss. For regular users, the convenience, comfort and privacy of having these at home are very enticing.

The landscaping surrounding your outdoor bath, sauna, or ice bath can significantly influence the vibe you are trying to create. For example, if you want your outdoor bath to be an intimate, yet tropical experience, consider densely planted palms with pops of colour, or thin vertical wooden screening.

 Garden in Mangawhai Heads

Designed, Planted & Maintained by Sculpt Gardens

Bath by Stoked Stainless

Reliable, hardy planting for your local climate

As the weather seemingly becomes more unpredictable, it is becoming more apparent that we should opt for reliable, hardy planting suited for your local climate. In Auckland, natives such as Muhlenbeckia, Coprosma, and Lomandra are simple yet reliable, low-maintenance options. 

There are also suitable non-native options. Two plants that performed noticeably well recently are Hydrangeas and Creeping Thyme. 

Get your hands dirty and take a look at your garden. This is important as areas of your garden will have different conditions and therefore requirements, for example, dry-loving plants will not survive in sloped, wet areas. 

Designed, Planted & Maintained by Sculpt Gardens

Its important to really think carefully about what you want your garden space to do for you – no matter how large or how small, it is your space, for your wellbeing.  If you enjoy gardening, getting your hands dirty and feel rejuvenated by that - fine, but if you relax best by being with friends and family, focus on creating an entertaining space and don’t feel guilty about creating a low-maintenance garden.  

Remember, that as garden designers at Sculpt Gardens we are here to help you plan your perfect outdoor space.  A garden that suits you, your family, home, lifestyle & budget.  Get in touch to arrange a consultation with us HERE.


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