Landscape your Auckland garden with our dream team.

Creative, design orientated, and award-winning landscapers.

Our obsession? Landscape design.

Your home deserves a touch of magic - a sparkle in the garden that uplifts your landscape. Sculpt Gardens delivers, every time, with our team of award-winning landscape designers and gardeners. 

We live and breathe the Auckland landscape - the North Shore is our home, so we know the soil like our own backyard (in fact, it is!).

The result? Garden perfection.


Claire Talbot - Proud Founder and Garden Designer

BSc Hons in Psychology and Management
Certificate in Home Garden Design
NZ Gardener Award for Top Student, 2015

With a background in education and creative businesses, Claire brings a welcome balance of pragmatism and genuine creativity to garden design on Auckland’s North Shore. 

Claire co-authored the book Relax and Grow Rich with Mike Hutcheson. It’s about deciding what you want to be rich in (rather than how rich you want to be), and finding ways to live a successful, satisfying and sustaining life.

For Claire, landscaping and garden design provides all of these rewards. Her particular passion is combining different textures, to create compositions clients love. Although the demand-driven growth of the business absorbs much of her time, Claire still likes to meet as many clients as possible. She enjoys contributing to the initial creative conversations and remaining in touch with clients, while passing the detailed design and implementation to specialists in the team.

Naomi Gray - Senior Garden Designer

Diploma in Graphic Design
Diploma in Landscape Design
Accredited Member of the New Zealand Garden Design Society

Naomi has a wealth of design experience and brings an artistic flair to her garden designs. Her skill as a landscape designer is reflected in her multiple student awards and her prestigious accreditation to the Garden Design Society of NZ.

By first gaining a good understanding of how the garden will be used, Naomi is able to find creative solutions to challenges, while making the most of an outdoor space. She creates interesting, bespoke garden spaces - reflecting each client’s personality and style. Naomi has an interest in art and sculptural elements, texture and colour in planting, bird attracting, and low water use gardens.

Maisy Conway - Garden Designer

Growing up in a small Scottish isle and moving around the world throughout her life has instilled in Maisy an eye for colour and unique plant combinations - there’s often a cosmopolitan feel in her garden designs as a result. The current world situation has luckily kept Maisy with us in New Zealand, where she enjoys working with each client to achieve something unique for their outside space.


A thriving team, with a love for all things garden.

gardener milford takapuna

Gardener – Takapuna & Milford


gardener greenhithe


Need our beautifying touch in your garden?

"I met Claire a while back to design my own garden as I had no experience of where to start. She immediately drew up plans, idea options and which plants go where! Seven years later it’s just beautiful and worth every penny as an investment in my home. I work in real estate and refer Sculpt Gardens as my go to team - with ideas of getting a garden ready for market or the bigger projects when buyers move in. They are super efficient, direct, helpful, and I would highly recommend them with creating your dream exterior!!"

– Jo Glancy - rear garden - Birkenhead


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