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4 Things To Remember When Designing A Garden

Designing a brand new garden, or adding to an existing one is an exciting experience! Gardens, however, come at a cost, so it is important that you invest your time & money into a garden that will grow.

Whilst all gardens require regular upkeep, a well-curated plan can prevent you from making costly & frustrating mistakes. 

This blog identifies the 4 most important things to remember when designing a garden in Auckland so that you can be one step closer to your dream garden! 

Have A Plan

You wouldn't start building a house without planning the overall design of the house first.

The same mindset should be applied when designing your landscape. 

If you are building a new home, your landscape should be designed at the same time so that it correlates with the house.

Measure your garden beds and create a plan of your garden.  Imagine 1m in your garden is 1cm on your piece of paper.  Choose the plants you want to place into your garden beds and research how wide they will grow.  When you know how big the garden beds are and how large the plants will grow , you can then calculate how many you need for your space. 

Sculpt Gardens measure up their client's gardens and carefully choose a selection of plants, which complement each other, are loved by the client and are suitable for the chosen location (sunny / shady aspect).  

A detailed planting plan designed by Sculpt Gardens.

Designer: Naomi Gray (pictured below with designer & Sculpt founder Claire Talbot).

Begin With Structure

We know that for most people, plant selection is the most exciting part of the process. 

However, it is also one of the final stages of your plan.

Designing the layout and structure of your landscape comes first.

A good garden design thinks about function first and looks second. Take into consideration family requirements, screening, wind/noise protection, maintenance, pets and activities. Make a full list of practical considerations first, then build your design around that. Your planting should be 1/3 or 1/4 of the space. 

Designed & Planted by Sculpt Gardens.

Utilize Sunlight

Consider the positioning of your landscape when designing your garden. Find out what way the beds are facing, which areas receive full sun, which are shaded, where is damp and where is well-draining. 

You want to utilize the sunny areas of your garden by designating these spaces for outdoor lounging, dining or activities. This encourages you and your family to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the sunshine for its maximum hours. 

Every garden has a 'trouble spot' or an area that is overlooked for being damp. Often these become dumping grounds, as people are unaware that beautiful plants can thrive in damp places. 

With proper drainage in place, you can utilize the water and create a lovely oasis. Consider a rain garden, a pond or a rock garden with plants such as Elephant Ears, Apodasmia similis Oi Oi, Flax varieties, Willow, Claret Ash, Manatu, Puriri, Carex secta, & Coprosma propinqua. 

The perfect sunny spot for a morning coffee. 

Designed & Planted by Sculpt Gardens.

Keep It Simple

When selecting plants, keep it simple and focus on impact.

Selecting plants with a variety of textures, colours, sizes and seasonal interest sets you up with a good base. Plant in sets of 3 or 5 to create natural impact. 

Rather than trying to fill every space, find out how big your plant is expected to grow and allow space for this. Planting too compactly for instant effect will result in poor plant health and removal and reshuffling of plants in the future. 

Choose up to 5 hardscaping materials, such as pebble, sleepers, shells, mulch & pavers. Keeping materials consistent throughout the layout of your landscape creates flow. 

Natural hardscaping materials, such as the stone wall & winding pavers complement native planting.

Designed & Planted by Sculpt Gardens.

It's important to think carefully about what you want your garden space to do for you – no matter how large or small, it is your space for your well-being.  If you enjoy gardening, getting your hands dirty and feel rejuvenated by that - fine, but if you relax best by being with friends and family, focus on creating an entertaining space and don’t feel guilty about creating a low-maintenance garden.  

Remember, that as garden designers at Sculpt Gardens, we are here to help you plan your perfect outdoor space.  A garden that suits you, your family, your home, your lifestyle & budget.  Get in touch to arrange a consultation with us HERE.


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