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Garden And Landscape Design

A Well-Designed Home
Deserves a Stunning
Landscaped Outdoor Space

Auckland, North Shore and Matakana
and surrounds

Your Beautiful Garden - By Design

You've browsed countless magazines and scrolled through Pinterest, and now you’re wondering how to go about making the transformation happen. 

We provide custom landscape design accompanied by a unique selection of plants, textures and flowers that mirror your home, style and personality. 

And are excellent hands at renovations and solving spatial design puzzles in older homes and baches.

Personalised Landscape Design Service for Beautiful Gardens

Our clients often dream of an outdoor space to relax away from the stresses of daily life. But aren’t sure how to bring their dreams into reality. 

They want to get a glimpse of nature every day as they look out through their window at a living portrait.

Our service bridges the gap, ensuring every design element works cohesively to create the space you’re looking for. 

Add that professional touch to your landscape, and find the balance between style and a practical, family-friendly garden. 

From design to liaising with your construction company or builder, planting and ongoing garden maintenance - we create beautiful gardens by design.

“Look out at a living portrait right outside your window every day and feel lifted by the colours of nature.”

“Despite being next to a busy road, I feel like I’ve been transported into a tropical oasis! Whilst working from home, I look out the window to see tui and tauhou feasting on the vibrant yellow kowhai flowers Monarchs and red admirals flutter about the ligularia flowers So many creatures find refuge and sustenance in this garden! So rewarding and satisfying I feel rested and at peace whenever I step outside into it.”

Detailed onsite initial Consultation. 

To make sure we don’t overlook any essential details or desires, we have a one-hour comprehensive onsite tour and discussion of what you need and want from your outdoor area. 

Detailed Planting Plans. 

To prevent confusion regarding plant types and placements, we provide detailed plans with planting photographs so you can understand your garden at its roots.

“Slow down. Appreciate the details in the blooms and blossoms.”

2D Plan Scale Drawing. 

Make visualising your garden's transformation easier with 2D plan scale drawings. Or upgrade to a 3D visual plan.

Collaboration with Trusted Contractors. Make your project run smoothly with reliable garden construction. We have a range of trusted contractors we can recommend or are experienced with working alongside your builder or construction team.

“Get a glimpse of nature every day. Ground yourself in a living landscape created just for you.”

"I met Claire a while back to design my own garden as I had no experience of where to start. She immediately drew up plans, idea options and which plants go where!  Seven years later, it’s just beautiful and worth every penny as an investment in my home. I work in real estate and refer to Sculpt Gardens as my go-to team - with ideas of getting a garden ready for market or bigger projects when buyers move in.  They are super efficient, direct, helpful, and I would highly recommend them with creating your dream exterior!!"

~ Jo

Renovations  |  New Builds  |  Bachs  |  Pools

Hello, We’re Claire and Naomi - Sculpt Gardens.

As fellow lovers of gardens, we understand the longing for a garden that feels truly yours. 

An outdoor space that is functional, beautiful and relaxing. The perfect backdrop to memories waiting to be created. 

At Sculpt Gardens, we transform your Auckland gardens with thoughtful spatial design & beautiful planting.

We show you how to achieve an outdoor sanctuary that matches your unique needs and lifestyle. 

Feel your spirits lifted by being enveloped in a living environment that pulls your attention away from the stresses of the day.

Landscape and Garden Design That Brings You Closer To Nature

Design That Starts With You

We’ll meet with you for an onsite consultation to discuss your brief and determine the scope of work. 

We love to meet our clients and wander the space, talking and asking lots of questions. Getting to know you, your family,  your garden, your lifestyle and your aspirations. 

We work hard to design stylish gardens that work for you and how you live. Each and every garden we sculpt is unique and in tune with our clients' needs. 

In the 60-minute onsite consultation, we take time to learn about you, your family, your style and your way of life. We find out how it feels to be in your home - its energy and personality. And how you want your outdoor space to mirror this. 

We take into account 

  • your vision for your garden, 

  • your desired design direction and wishlist, 

  • timeframe, 

  • project budget 

  • practical requirements. 

After this meeting, we’ll send you a proposal for the work we discuss.

Our plans are two-dimensional scaled representations of your landscape.  

They come with construction notes & suggested materials that enable our partnered landscape construction companies or a builder of your choice to prepare a quote for you. 

The design also details all the plants, with names & photos, to help you understand what you are getting.  These planting plans are easy to follow, using symbols to represent plants in their precise location.  

You can therefore see how many plants you will need and where they will go.

“As female designers, we bring a new perspective to the thought process, which can ultimately make garden design more accessible to everyone.”

"Claire provided a wonderful design for all three areas of our property (entrance, driveway & back garden) that was thoughtful and integrated our desire for low maintenance. She went over and above and provided an idea for a fence design feature and the absolute look and feel we were after. The implemented design has exceeded our expectations, and as the garden grows, it looks better and better. We highly recommend Sculpt for garden design."

– Sarah

When the plans are finalised, we can recommend trusted landscape construction companies or work alongside your chosen construction company or builder. 

Then, with the construction completed, we come back in and plant your new garden. 

And if you’re on the North Shore of Auckland, our garden maintenance team can then routinely visit to ensure your garden looks its absolute best all year round.

Your investment

Your initial garden consultation fee & proposal for design -  $150+gst

Prices range for a landscape design from between $2000 - $4000+, for smaller properties, with minimal changes to the structural layout of your garden, to larger properties, entirely new structural layouts, pool landscaping and more complex building requirements. 

An average landscape and planting plan is around $2750.

“Incredible design and installation. It will only get better with age and has completely changed how I interact with the outside space.”

– Tina

Live Within A Garden That Lifts Your Spirits

At Sculpt, we combine art, design and spatial creativity to create outdoor spaces that lift your spirit. Step outside the box with us. Elevate your view.

1. Book a consultation

Let’s talk about your outdoor space - garden, pool, bach or renovation. We’ll book a time to come out to your place and see it for ourselves.

2. Let the transformation begin

After we’ve talked about your goals for your garden, we’ll create the design - making sure it ticks all the boxes. Then on with the landscaping, building and planting.

3. Relax in your outdoor haven

Now, relax and enjoy your outdoor space - completely transformed into a beautiful haven that you can feel proud of—the perfect backdrop to memory-making.


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