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Your Landscape Design Experts

An all-female team of garden designers working on Auckland's North Shore

Providing custom landscape design for new builds & renovations to support your council consent process.

Garden design & planting plans for rejuvenating tired landscapes & adding value to your existing home.

Landscape design for your Auckland home

When you are planning a new build or renovation, having a cohesive custom landscape design for your new outdoor living area adds value to your home, enables you to plan ahead, budget accordingly & move through the consent process more easily.  

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Garden design and planting plans

What do you want from your North Shore garden?

Our garden design services are shaped around your needs and wants. To make sure we get it right, we’ll consult with you and your family to find out about your lifestyle, plant preferences and budget. At the same time, we’ll look at your home, garden & neighbourhood to understand the canvas we have to work with.

The cost of a garden plan ranges from $500 for a basic plan with minimal changes to the existing layout of your garden to $3000 for larger properties that require entirely new layouts, detailing around pool construction and more complex building requirements. An average plan is around $1800.  Let us meet you for a personal quote.

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