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Our Preferred Suppliers

Below you'll find contact details for our preferred suppliers

Folium Landscaping

Scott & Jared, from Folium Landscaping install the hardscaping elements of our landscape designs. 

Concreting, pathways, garden bed edging, fencing, retaining - contact them to discuss pricing for this element of your garden design.

ProIrrigation - Irrigation

Mike, from Proirrigation can help with your irrigation needs. 

Proclimb - Arborist & Hedge Trimming

The team at Proclimb can help with significant trees, arborist work & hedge trimming.  Contact Chelsea on 09 300 1422

Daily Grind - Stumpgrinding

Tai, from Daily Grind can help with your stump grinding. 

Landscape Lighting Company

Jordan from the Landscape Lighting Company can bring out the beauty, and light-up the features of your outdoor spaces.


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