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Hauraki Garden With Pool

poolside garden planting

Davina and Grant asked for a low-maintenance garden that mirrored the modern lines of the house and reflected their personal style. The star of the outdoors was always going to be the swimming pool, which takes centre stage – the planting just needed to complement it.

We decided on a minimal plant palette with accents of orange throughout, provided by Clivia miniata, bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae), Mexican flame vine and native grass Carex testacea. For privacy she used big-leaved, lush puka and schefflera, and Apodasmia similis (oioi) was mass-planted along the side of the driveway to add screening.

The garden at the entrance was planted with cluster palms, Colocasia ‘Black Magic’ and Lomandra tanika. Ficus pumila will eventually grow along the fencing to cover it and soften the hard lines. Davina and Grant decided to use artificial turf for the small area of grass. “It made sense in an area that size, especially with the frequent crossing from pool to living area that will happen in a family home,” Davina explains.

“For us, the biggest bang for buck in this entire project was the outdoors – the landscaping, fencing and pool. This really linked the whole project together.”

As featured in Your Home & Garden Magazine.

poolside garden
decking by poolside

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