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Next Steps

Thank you for using Sculpt Gardens to design your garden. Below are some directions on the next steps towards getting your garden installed.

Hardscaping Installation

We work with Folium Landscaping to install the hardscaping component of our landscape designs.

Hardscaping refers to any new concrete, timber fencing, pathways, retaining, decking, fencing, edging or lawns you may need. 

Hardscaping is done first, before the planting is done.

Folium Landscaping

Scott & Jared, from Folium Landscaping install the hardscaping elements of our landscape designs. 

Concreting, pathways, garden bed edging, fencing, retaining - contact them to discuss pricing for this element of your garden design.

What To Expect

1. You meet onsite with your Sculpt garden designer & Folium Landscaping to chat over the design & what hardscaping work needs to be quoted for.

2. Folium Landscaping then quotes directly to you for this part of the process.

Softscaping Installation

Sculpt Gardens loves to plant the gardens they have designed

Softscaping refers to the plants & planting in your design. Once the hardscaping is finished and the garden beds prepared, the plants are ready to go into the ground.  We recommend planting between autumn & spring.

What To Expect

Sculpt Gardens sends you a quote for the plants (sourcing & delivery), placement, planting & finally mulching. We can also supply any pots & features specified in the design.


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