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The 10 Garden Makeover 'Must Do's That'll Literally Add Thousands To Your Sale Price

  • Get your trees & hedges trimmed.
  • Get weeds under control - weed beds, weedspray pathways, driveways & front kerbway.
  • Mulch garden beds and top up aggregates such as pebbles, shell or stones.
  • Weed & refresh pots and containers - make sure there is something simple & attractive at the front door.
  • Put away or fold down washing line.
  • Remove all dead or ugly plants and remove dead / brown leaves from remaining plants.
  • Feed and weed lawn 4 - 6 weeks before you sell.
  • Waterblast pathways and driveways if dirty / mossy.  
  • Put bins, tools, toys, unused pots out of sight.  
  • Get a new door mat - plain & subtle works best.


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