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What To Do In The Garden This October

what to do in the garden this october

Spring is about controlling weeds, planting, pest control and fertilising. Here are our essential jobs in the garden this month.

Time for Tomatoes

Now is the time for planting tomatoes & all your other summer vegetables.  Prepare your beds by adding new compost & sheep pellets.

planting tomatoes

Love Your Lawn

Get your lawn sorted now to get it looking great for summer. Use a Weed n'Feed  product to feed your lawn and kill off weeds.  If there are any bare patches, sow the area with lawn seed.

care for your lawn

Mulch, mulch, mulch

Laying a thick layer of much on your garden beds will help to suppress weeds and reduce the need for watering as temperatures start to rise.

Feed & Fert

Feeding plants with a liquid fertiliser like 'Thrive' regularly through spring to autumn will help keep your plant healthy & looking great.  Also ensure you have fed with a slo-release fertiliser like a general granular feed and sheep pellets too.


Protect From Slugs & Snails

Use pet & child friendly slug & snail pellets, such as Quash to protect new seedlings & plants such as Tractor Seat & Renga renga lillies.

quash slug pellets

Time to Plant

There is still time to plant before summer hits.  Roses, hedges, hydrangeas - plant now, water well & feed with a slow release fertiliser to get them settled in before summer.

plant roses
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