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What To Do In The Garden This September

what to do in the garden this september

It is officially the start of spring!

With the evenings getting longer, we have a few more daylight hours to potter in the garden in the evening.

Spring is about preparation and getting the soil ready for all the growth that will occur in the warmer months.

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Time for Tomatoes

In warmer Auckland, it is safe to plant out some early tomato seedlings and other veggie seedlings for your veggie box too.  Remember to use Quash slug pellets to protect them.

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Prune Passionfruit

Prune your passionfruit vine and feijoas to encourage great fruiting come autumn.

passionfruit auckland
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Love Your Lawn

If you are looking at a new lawn or have patches in your lawn that need repairing, now is the time.  Using a good Weed N Feed product is a good start to boost your existing grass and get rid of those weeds.  We can recommend some great local companies that can help you with ready lawn, Wool Grow & regular lawn treatments.  

love your lawn
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Care For Your Citrus

Using a citrus fertiliser, it is time to feed those citrus trees (again!!) along with any fruit trees & berries you might have, so they have the energy to reward you with luscious fruit come summer.

lemon tree
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Feed, feed, feed...

One of the best products to use as a slow release fertiliser in your garden as well as improve your soil's structure is sheep pellets (if you have dogs best to use a granular fertiliser).  The sheep manure is compacted with the sheep's wool and the lanolin helps promote earth worm activity.  Use a handful under each plant and then apply a mulch over the top. 

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Planting Peas

Now is the time to plant pea seedlings so come summer you will have a bumper crop of sweet crunchy peas - 10 plants per person.

plant peas in spring
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