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What To Do In The Garden This August

We get excited in August as it is rose pruning time.  Roses aren't really meant to grow in Auckland.  It never really gets cold enough for the rose to 'hibernate', rest and recover before having to produce those beautiful blooms.  That is why they need to be regularly fed to keep them growing & producing and why we try to prune in the coldest months, when there is less chance they will actively grow.

If you have roses and would like them to be professionally pruned this year, get in touch with us.  We'd love to help them get off to a great start this year. 

Other jobs this month are tidying all those plants that are now past their best, ready to grow again when the warmth comes back.

Enjoy your garden this August.

Prune Your Roses

Firstly, make sure your secateurs are sharp.  Secondly, clean them with a bleach wipe or alcohol solution.  Then, take off any damaged or dead growth back to new healthy growth.  Any branches that are touching or crossing can be removed too.  Then, depending on the age, size and shape of the bush, cut back to a few centimetres above an outward facing bud, with a diagonal cut.

sculpt gardens
liquid copper for roses

Spray Roses with Copper

Spray to protect against mites, scale and fungus - you can also use an organic bug oil or a premix Rose spray such as Yates Rose Gun.

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deciduous magnolia

Marvellous Magnolia

The blooms are just spectacular at this time of year.

If you are yearning for some winter blooms, now is the time to plant a deciduous magnolia to enjoy next winter.  Here are a couple of our favourites:

Stellata is perfect for the smaller garden. The silky pink buds open to reveal white shaggy star shaped flowers set against attractive bare branches. Fresh, dark green foliage follows.

Genie - Small growing variety that was bred in New Zealand. Produces large scented flowers. Blooms in spring, with a second flush in summer. Grows 3.5 x 2m

Care For Camellias

It is time to trim and shape early flowering camellias but wait until they have finished blooming.


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