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What To Do In The Garden This April

It is beginning to feel a little cooler in the evenings and the clocks changing this month are all signs that we are heading out of summer into nature's best planting time, Autumn.

Nature's Best Planting Time

If you have trees & shrubs to plant, now is the time to do it so they can establish over the cooler, wetter months.  

planting in autumn

Rejuvenate Your Garden For Autumn

Remove all your tired old summer flowers, rejuvenate the soil by digging in new garden mix and some general fertiliser or sheep pellets and then replant with some winter colour - primulas, violas, pansies, snap dragon & hollyhocks are all perfect.

rejuvenate your garden in autumn

Beautiful Bulbs

It's your last chance to plant your spring bulbs.  

Here's a great guide to help you from Palmers Garden Centre.

planting bulbs in april

Prune Back Summer Flowering Shrubs

Now is the time to prune back those summer flowering shrubs that are tired and past it.  Shrubs like Hebes (prune to stop them getting too woody) & Hydrangeas, (unless you love the dead heads over winter) will look tidier after a prune.

If you don't have time to do these jobs and others in your garden in April, our sparkly gardener's would love to help. Contact us here to book an appointment.

prune summer flowering shrubs

Dead Head Your Roses

Keep dead heading your roses and start to dream about next season.  Do any of your roses need replacing? Or are you wanting to plant a new rose?  If so, now is the time to prepare the site, by removing the old soil turning it over and aerating and replacing it with good quality potting mix.

dead head roses april

Sweetpeas for Spring

Love them, love them, love them but always forget to plant the seeds til too late.  Not this Easter holidays.  Find a sunny spot, open to rain and pop some sweetpea seeds in.  This is a great flower for children to plant as the seed is easy to handle and the end product is so sweet smelling and pretty.  You'll be thanking me come spring.

plant sweetpea seeds in april

For gardening help with these jobs, along with ongoing regular garden care and stunning landscape designs, please get in touch via email at


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