The Ultimate Guide To Weeding

Sounds easy, and it is but here are some of our golden rules:

Loosen up the soil around the weed to ensure that you get as much of the roots out as possible - helps prevent them from growing back.

Dig over the soil after weeding as this makes it look cared for, it’s much tidier looking and helps prevent the soil from capping (a solid crust that forms on clay soil after heavy rain).

If working in a border that is deep (from front to back), start at the back of the border and work your way to the front, it’s easier to tidy as you work your way back to the front.

In big, deep borders, weed everywhere, not just where the eye can see.  Any weeds left are weeds that will multiply and cause future, unnecessary weeding.

Check underneath plants that cover the ground by lifting their leaves up.  It’s easier to remove small weeds that haven’t yet grown through the plant and made itself impossible to remove.

No matter what job you are doing, e.g. planting, pruning, hedge trimming etc.  weed the surrounding area.  No matter how great a job your do, if there are weeds in eyesight, they will detract from your fabulous work and they will be the first thing you see.

If planting new plants from a nursery, weed them too.  Loosen the soil around the weeds and get the roots out.  There’s nothing worse than introducing new weeds to the garden from a nursery.

If you are weeding in a bed that is edged by a path / drive etc, ensure that you brush any soil back onto the bed.

If you are unsure if it’s a weed or a plant, take a photo and send it to us.  We’ll try to get back ASAP with what it is and what to do.  Basically a weed is any plant that is where it isn’t wanted.  If it is a good plant that is in the wrong place, seek out a new home and either transplant it.

Some weeds are easily dig up as they have shallow roots, others have deep tap roots, rhizomes or bulbs, and if the smallest amount remains in the soil, the weed will be back in no time.  

Hand weeding these tricky weeds is OK and it will weaken the plant each time.  However, if possible, treating them with a Herbicide is a more effective way of dealing with them. 

Landscaping your garden for low maintenance can minimise your need to weed in the first place too.

And if all else fails, you don't have the time, you simply can't be be bothered or it is too boring for words and you have better things to do with your weekends, just get a professional round!  


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