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What To Do In The Garden This February

Feed & Fert

Watering, weeding, mulching and feeding are the most useful jobs you can be doing this month in your garden.  In fact February is 'Feed n Fert' month, so grab a good quality granular fertiliser and feed all the plants in your garden.  It might be wise to wait for a day that we are expecting rain, so that the fertiliser can be watered in well.

Care For Your Citrus

Get your fruit trees ready for winter.  Feed citrus trees with a citrus fertiliser for best results. Water in well.

Water Your Feijoas

If you have Feijoas, keep them well watered to ensure big juicy fruit. Put a bucket in the shower to preserve water and use this instead of the hose.

Beautiful Buxus

Summer is the perfect time to trim your hedges, Buxus & topiaries.  Trim on a fine day, and spray buxus hedging  especially with a copper spray afterwards.  Your garden & any pots will need a bit of attention after the holidays so feed with a good quality fertiliser such as Nitrophoska.  

February is our driest month so water every couple of days to give your gardens & pots a good drink.  Watering also activates the fertilisers.  

If you need help fertilising your garden this summer, learn more about our garden services and get in touch with us today!


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