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10 Signs You Should Invest In A Garden Design

Do you like the way your yard looks? Does it invite you to spend time in it? Do you want to enjoy warm afternoons outside, reading a book and relaxing? If the answer is no, your garden may be part of the problem. If the layout doesn’t flow, there may be a general lack of inspiration for you and your family to spend time in your outdoor space. The layout can also make maintenance and keeping it tidy a challenge. 
Our garden designers at Sculpt Gardens got together to identify the top 10 signs that a garden would benefit from a redesign. All it takes is a little bit of careful landscape design planning to turn your garden in need into your Garden of Eden.

Read on for some insights and tips on how to redesign your garden.


1 / You Don't Spend Time In Your Garden

If you never go out into your garden, this is a big sign that you don’t enjoy that particular space. It may be that you have nowhere to sit on your own or with company. Gardens should be a social space that you can enjoy with others and we can design that into your garden. Outdoor entertainment can be made effortless with a patio, deck, or firepit area. It can bring family and friends into your garden space for quality time spent together outdoors.

2 / No Outdoor Seating

Perhaps you don’t invite friends over in the summer because there’s no gathering spot outside for socialising. It all begins with having comfortable seating in a space that has room for the people in your life. If you don’t have outdoor space for your friends, family, and all the kids, you might want to create that space. There is no deck too big based on our experience of helping clients create social space in their garden. To offer seating for social events in your garden, you’ll have to create enough space for seating.

3 / Your Front Door Is Hard To Find

Do you have visitors or couriers that are unable to find your door? It may be that you don’t have proper indicators that lead the eye for your front entrance. This indicates that your home isn’t welcoming from the outside. There are a variety of ways you can make it obvious of where your front door is located. 

Easy ways to direct people to your front door can include positioning letterboxes and house numbers that lead the eye where you want it to go. You can incorporate pots appropriately and taller entrance trees that help signal to people the direction of your front door.

4 / You Don't Have Adequate Privacy

If you can look right into your neighbour’s home, you don’t have adequate privacy. We all appreciate having our own space. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being watched while they’re in the safe space of their own home. We offer planting options that will give you privacy in aesthetically pleasing ways.

5 / Issues With Weeds?

One of the reasons you may not like to be in your outdoor space is because your garden currently has weeds and lacks a general tidy look. Some people enjoy weeding while others don’t have the time or simply don’t enjoy doing it. Having a gardener can be costly. 

There’s another solution. You can have a garden landscaped based on your ability to care for it and stay on top of maintenance. If a garden isn’t given the time it needs, it may be too high maintenance for you. We offer solutions to make the needs of your garden match your lifestyle. We can create a garden that is beautiful but easy to manage all year round.

6 / Your Feet Get Muddy

You might have grass that has a lot of moisture underneath. This means that stepping out onto your bare feet in your yard is not possible unless you like getting muddy feet. There are plenty of solutions for being able to walk out into your yard with bare feet. 

We know that in NZ, it’s the land where people go in bare feet. There are solutions like sealed or hard surfaces, which are great when you need to pop out to the veggie patch, hang out washing, use the BBQ or hop into the spa pool.  We take the time to figure out what your outdoor activities are and design a garden that specifically suits your needs.

7 / Your Laundry Is Visible

You should not be able to see your washing line while you relax on your deck, in your garden, or living room. While you may not consciously notice it, it’s taking away from the beauty of your outdoor space. You don’t want visitors to see your underwear collection when they pop by. This is why it’s better to place your washing line in a spot where you don't have to see it when you are relaxing and having fun.

8 / Your Washing Is At Risk Of Falling Down Into Mud

Perhaps your washing line is putting your clean clothes at risk. If the wind picks up and your laundry should fall, where is it going to fall? 

If the answer is muddy grass, we have a few solutions to avoid that. We can add concrete pad or pavers under the washing line to save your wash from the yard below.

9 / You Don't Love Your Lawn

Currently, you may look at your lawn and it’s a disturbing site. Perhaps it doesn’t have a defined edge to it. Grass could be migrating into your garden beds, edges could be messy, and it generally looks untidy. This can be fixed through the solution of mowing strip to create a neat and tidy garden.

10 / Dustbins At Your Door

If you have dustbins cluttering up your driveway or front door, we can help you create a space where these sorts of things can be designated to. 

We can create a utility area that’s suitable for unattractive things like your dustbin that potentially ruin the whole look of your outdoor space.

If your garden displays the signs that it needs a redesign, get in touch - we offer a FREE quote where we can chat about what you can do to create a garden that works for you, makes your life easier and adds value to your home.


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