10 Signs You Should Invest In A Garden Design

1. You don't spend any time in your garden! 
It's summer and you want to be relaxing after work in the garden on these balmy evenings.  If you aren't going out into the garden, it must mean it isn't a great place to be.  Maybe you have nowhere to sit, either alone or with your friends.  We can design these social spaces into your garden - so entertaining just happens effortlessly.

2. You don't invite your friends over in the summer as there is nowhere comfortable to sit with them.
Leading on from point 1, if you like to have people over, you need the right space to put them.  Is your garden table big enough to accommodate them - do you have seating to cater for your friend's family & children plus your own? I've never heard anyone say their deck is too big, but I've seen plenty of decks that are ridiculously small.  Our designs ensure that you will have spaces big enough to entertain successfully.

3. People aren't quite sure where your front door is.
If you have had the courier man turn up at the wrong door and give you a fright or you have to give friends clear instructions on how to find you, we can design clear indicators to your front entranceway - pots, letterboxes, stylish house numbers and taller entrance trees can all signal your front door.

4. You can look directly into your neighbour's house.
No one likes people staring straight into their home and we are asked all the time to screen out undesirable views.  We offer some great planting options to increase your privacy from neighbouring properties.

5. Your garden is untidy and covered with weeds.
This is a sign that there is a mismatch between your garden and your ability to keep on top of it.  Either you dislike the garden so much you don't care about it (mismatch between your style and the garden's style) or the garden requires more maintenance than you can manage (mismatch between your lifestyle and the garden's requirements).  Either way, we match the garden to your ability to look after it and your own personal style, so you'll love to keep it looking great all year round.

6. You step on only grass when walking around your property.
Wet, muddy shoes and feet and mowing funny little strips of lawn.  In NZ, the land where people go in bare feet, sealed or hard surfaces are great when you need to pop out to the veggie patch, hang out washing, use the BBQ or hop into the spa pool.  We learn about how you behave, so we can design a garden which is comfortable to be in.

7.  You can see your washing line when relaxing on your deck / in the garden / in your living room.
Do you want your friends to see your underwear collection when they pop by?  Exactly - let's place the washing line in a spot where you don't have to see it when you are relaxing and having fun.

8. Your washing line has grass underneath it.
Oh dear - it's got really windy and washing has fallen onto the muddy grass.  Concrete pad or pavers under the washing line please - say no more!

9. Your lawn doesn't have a defined edge to it.
Problems - grass migrating into the garden beds, messy edges, visually untidy = solution of mowing strip to keep your garden looking neat and tidy.

10. Your dustbins clutter the driveway or your front door.
Let's put the bins either in a bin unit or create a utility area in a suitable place where all the visually unattractive bits and pieces can go and it can be screened out of sight.

If your garden displays the signs that it needs a redesign, here's my email.  Get in touch - I offer a FREE consult where we can chat about what you can do to create a garden that works for you, makes your life easier and adds value to your home.


Thinking of designing your garden on your own?

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