Personalised Layouts for your Flowerbeds

Garden bed planting plans are awesome because...

+   You save money by doing the planting yourself.

+   You are guaranteed a professional, great looking end result.

+   You can feel confident that the plants you buy are suitable for your chosen spot.

+   You can budget & plan as you know what plants to buy & how many you need.

How It Works

Step 1 - Book A Consult (via phone / Skype / Whatsapp / Zoom / Facetime)

Talk over your chosen garden bed & wish list with our garden designer, Claire.  This short 15 minute call helps us to better understand you & your garden so we can design something perfect for you.

garden design consultation
Claire - garden designer

Step 2 - Provide Us With The Details of Your Garden Bed

Send us the measurements of your chosen garden bed and some photos to help us get the lay of the land.  If you are unsure if your garden bed is small, medium or large, we can discuss this when we chat - so don't worry!

garden design consultation
Claire - garden designer

Step 3 - Delivery of Your Personalise Planting Plan

Following our call & receiving your measurements, we will design a personalised planting plan for your chosen garden bed.  

This will include:

  • a diagram of your flowerbed showing where to place each plant
  • the plant names
  • photos to help you identify them
  • how many of each you need to buy

As well as the planting plan, we will also send you detailed notes on how & when to plant your new garden to ensure your plants get off to the optimal start.

A printed copy of your design will be delivered to your doorstep along with an electronic copy within 2 weeks so you can get started on the most exciting part - the transformation of the garden of need, into your 'Garden of Eden'.

*We also include 1 set of changes if you wish to tweak the design in anyway.

Personalised Planting Plans (small - medium bed up to 10 sq.metres) - $150

Personalised Planting Plans (medium - large bed up to 50 sq.metres) - $200

Larger garden areas - P.O.A.

Step 1 - Book A Call with Claire

garden transformation ebook
Step 2 - Send us the measurements

dpf mood board of plants
Step 3 - Your planting plan is delivered

front entrance takapuna garden

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